"Since  January 2021 ARIEL TECHNOLOGY has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.”


Ariel Technology is a private IT company formed in 2011 with operations in EA region. We focus on digital transformation and Security for technology: cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT to enhance  sustainability and social impact.  

We have a dynamic and resourceful team with wide experience in various professional domains. We focus on digital transformation and emerging technology: cloud, security, IoT to drive sustainability and social impact. Our focus as a team is to use Technology to offer business value, technology-based innovation and digital business networks.

Our Team

We are dedicated to create a fair, safe and honest world for you.

 John Munyiri
Founder and CEO

An accomplished CEO & Cyber Security consultant, John has over 18 years of management of IT projects. A CEO and team leader with a focus on digital transformation: cloud, security, IoT, AI, sustainability and social impact. Leading expert in technology use that drives business value, technology-based innovation and digital business networks.

Geoffrey Mute
Technical Engineer

Seasoned security Engineer versed in aiding users with implementation of new security technology and supporting existing technology, offering years of experience to users utilizing an array of technology and software programs.

Nelson Nzui
Technical Engineer

Technical Support Engineer with a keen eye for innovation. Certified change agent, adept at formulating processes and leading technical teams in achieving excellence in client satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. 

Mercy Wangari
CFO & Operations

Co-founder and lead business strategist, she heads business development and execution with financial experience. She has led in  growth and expansion over the years. Seamlessly interfaces with customers and personnel at all levels. 

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Ariel Technology has installed more than 100k nodes in the wider EA region as a Kaspersky partner

Protecting data on cloud, we have parrtnered with Netskope a world leader in CASB.

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