How to protect the elderly while online

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to take advantage. People who are at greatest risk and need these services most – the elderly – can often experience some difficulties in using modern tools that many of us otherwise take for granted. Furthermore, their younger and more tech-savvy relatives cannot help with their daily routines as easily as they could in the past, as social distancing and restriction of physical contact have created additional barriers.

Protecting children from various Internet threats and unfavorable content

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Around the globe, ordinary people have broken into spontaneous applause to express their thanks for the extraordinary efforts being made by healthcare professionals during these challenging times.


Working from home implies the standard cybersecurity rules that employees observe when working in an office. But using personal laptops and home Internet networks is much more risky than when working within a secure corporate network. And for a company’s IT staff, the workload increases significantly.

Implementing a security strategy is not only about the cutting-edge technologies. It’s about the data you get and the ability to use it along with technologies. That’s what Automated Fraud Analytics is created for: to make sure you know about the possible fraudulent activity when it has not started yet, have all the data and analysis crucial to make accurate and timely decisions and uncover complicated fraud cases.

Used by world’s leading IT Security companies and national ISPs, Kaspersky Anti-Spam Software Development Kit (KAS SDK) is the combination of the latest automated Anti-Spam technologies and human analysis, providing supreme detection and lowest false positive rates, and ensuring instant reaction to new spam outbreaks.

Advanced, all-in-on threat protection for Microsoft Office 365’s communication and collaboration services Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 is the number one choice when it comes to protecting your cloud-oriented enterprise communication and collaboration from known and unknown cyberthreats.

Children’s activity on the Internet is as important nowadays as their behaviour and social environment outside. This is why it is crucial to help a child to navigate through the information that surrounds them in the web, making sure that the experience is positive. During the worldwide lockdown, children are prone to look for entertainment online more than ever, so this period has shown some important changes in their behaviour that correlated with the increase of activity.

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