Team Members
Installation Projects

Reduced risks.

Our projects include installations and support for Antivirus and EPP for all level of corporate to home user for IT devices. Involving a team of experts at the earlier stages of implementation of security solutions will help avoid mistakes that reduce protection and impact on business productivity.

This Includes: Full Endpoint Protection Projects - EPP Suite

Office Meeting
Training Projects

Reduced Costs

We reduce project time lags, learning curves and overall project costs by engaging product our experts at the early stages, that help in adapting the client to the solution in a smooth way. 

We do Formal Classroom Training & On the Job Training 

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Maintainance Projects

We Prepare You - For Maintenance Tasks.

We a trusted mentor, we deliver our professional services – focusing not only on delivering a particular scope of work, but also on training your IT  staff, by demonstrating product compatibilities, explaining operational principles, and preparing them to undertake ongoing product maintenance.

This Includes : Email & Network Gateway Projects & Encryption Projects.

Data Reviewing
Data Center Security Projects

We provide Meaningful Network Visibility 

Endpoint Detection & Response - EDR.

We help to transform your Silos of Information from EPP, SIEM and other solutions to give meaning to threat information for appropriate action by the IT Security team: Our solutions,

  • Identify threats

  • Contain the threat before its effects.

  • Eradicate the threat

  • remediate/Recover 

  • Cloud and Hybrid Security