NextGen - Secure Web Gateway.

Re-Imagine your Perimeter.

The increased use of private networks at home and in public places expose corporate and personal data to unauthorised access as well as hacking  and other risks.


01/19 - 01/23

Secure Web Gateway.

Contains real time data visibility and controls. 

Protection for corporate web access against malicious sites, malwares.

Protects against upload to public groups

Identifies the corporate URLs and blocks the others.




01/19 - 01/23

Cloud Access Security Broker.

We provide Nextgen Private Access- NP.

  • Provides zero trust access to private apps.

  • Optimised for prime performance. 

  • Security for the App instead of the network.




01/19 - 01/23

​Data Loss Protection.

  • We provides data protection from leakage, theft and exposure.  

  • We provide governance solution. 

  • Protection for your sensitive data from loss and possible misconfiguration.



With our partners Netskope we offer a solution for Secure Web Gateway + Cloud Access Security Broker + Data Loss Protection. This will help you protect sensitive data agaist web threats as you meet all compliance requirements. We facilitate you to work on your cloud apps securely.

Features For TEAMS Access.


Helps you to find Sensitive data Exposed in Teams.


Helps you to keep sight of which company data is being shared and who has access to the sensitive data. You get data visibility internally and externally.

Protect your data that is in Teams

Netskope enables safe collaboration for Microsoft Teams for any user, on any device, at any location with advanced data and threat protection combined with granular visibility and control. Gives Visibility for shared data to administration,  configure Teams policies.

Machine Learning Powered Image Detection

Identified sensitive data that is shared on Teams, like passports, IDs, Driver licenses, Screenshots etc.  You can take automated actions like blocking.

Real time Policies against risky activities.

Protect Teams access from browsers, protects access from Teams app on Mac and Windows, IOS, data exfiltration to unmanaged clouds and unmanaged deviced, unpredicted locations and many others.


Securing Remote Workers -

Ensure to get Fast and secure corporate resources like you are in office.

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