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Protect your Network using Sophos Firewall

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Many organisations start with investing in endpoint protection solution and then a firewall if budget allows. Ofcourse CIOs have to justify expenses but this raises a question of priorities. Is a firewall needed if endpoint solution is in place? Both are security solutions. Are they compliments or an alternative to each other? Here we show you how they serve different purposes.

Endpoint solutions protect computers within a LAN and the firewall protects the network at the perimeter level. But protection is against what?

Network and perimeter security. A network perimeter demarcates the boundary between an organization’s intranet and the external or public-facing internet. Vulnerabilities create the risk that attackers can use the internet to attack resources connected to it.

Firewalls protects against threats traversing into the corporate network. It finds, blocks and alerts threats prior to them reaching endpoints connected in the corporate network.

Buying a new PC? Hackers will be after your data the minute it’s connected to the internet. That’s why you need to think about cybersecurity even before you plug in and switch on your machine.

As soon as you’re connected to the internet, malicious actors will be looking to steal your data, encrypt and hold your machine ransom, lift financial details, secretly mine for cryptocurrency, and much more. They’ll do so via some tried and true methods, which often rely on cracking, stealing or guessing passwords, or exploiting software vulnerabilities. Endpoint Security is deployed and operated directly on devices as the last line of defense of threats seeking to compromise them.

Benefits of using a Firewall

  • Connect internal resources to remote users.

  • Protect the organization network from hacks and attacks.

  • Manage the networks by system admins using policies and tasks.

  • Prevent unauthorized access of corporate networks.

  • Traffic monitoring and control.

The Problem of Modern Networks

  • Lack of visibility into networks and encrypted traffic.

  • Lack of granular controls over which websites users can visit.

  • There are too many products in the market.

  • There is shortage of cybersecurity skills.

Sophos Firewall

This brings us to Sophos NGFW which solves the problems.

Its unique architecture makes it offload heavy processing from the hardware to Sophos cloud for the latest threat intelligence analysis from Sophos Labs. Sophos NGFW gives you visibility into encrypted traffic selectively giving better security and performance.

Key Features of Sophos Firewall

Intrusion Prevention System - by looking for signs of exploits against your servers, endpoints, applications.

Threat protection – best protection against known and zero-day network threats.

Sophos firewall comes with the following pre-packaged policies:

  • SSL Inspection – inspects encrypted traffic

  • Web filtering – controlling access to websites

  • Intrusion Prevention System – monitors, reports, blocks malicious activity

  • Application control

  • Traffic shaping – for bandwidth control

  • Web application firewall

The management of the firewall is via a web-based console (Sophos Central) and no application is installed on the endpoint. Since all Sophos products (Endpoint, NGFW etc.) are managed via Sophos Central, it gives you ease of management of all your solutions, lets you see threats across your entire landscape as the products share data in real time.


When you log in to your Sophos Central you will see:

  • Threats

  • Systems at risk

  • Unknown applications

  • Risky downloads

  • Risky users

  • Advanced threats

  • Encrypted traffic

Reports – the firewall comes built in with hundreds of reports you can generate at no extra cost!

Application scanning – it automatically scans within all your connected devices, identifies all applications and categorizes them so that you can apply policies specifically for certain category of applications. This gives more control.

3 Modes of Deployment

  • Hardware appliance

  • Sophos on Virtual Machine

  • Cloud application – AWS, Azure

Additional benefits

  • Best performance and protection from the latest threats.

  • Full visibility.

  • Automated responses.

  • Ease of management since it is accessed via web console.

  • If you have Sophos Endpoint: data sharing and prevention of lateral movement of threats.

  • Automated responses.

  • Ease of setting up the firewall.

Buy from us and also enjoy great technical support.

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