Finally the Holiday season is here!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Keep your family safe this holiday by protecting your data and money from cyber Crime.

During holiday breaks, its is common nowadays for many people to get online for work. With Kaspersky security cloud you can manage the security of your IT devices and family from online threats at your festive comforts this special holiday. With the Kaspersky Security for cloud your business data is protected on the same device. You forget about calling your resource or IT admins in office to run updates for your devices. Kaspersky Security for Mobiles also allow WFH users to use phones and tablets for work tasks without putting sensitive or critical business processes at risk. These security solutions provide very essential features such as multi-layered protection of anti-malware, anti-spam, web, application and device controls as well as anti-theft.

Tips while on holiday:

Scrutinize your emails: Scams especially phishing has become the biggest crime in the world. You need to be more vigilant about evaluating suspicious email. Kaspersky office 365 offers anti-spam feature which all the time especially when you are out of work.

Device Control: As you interact with many friends from different areas, ensure you scan their removable devices with the right antivirus to prevent infection of your devices.

Encryption: Most of the time people tend to leave their devices unattended. Anyone can get them and access important documents without your authorization. With encryption of your device, you are assured the information is secure and not accessible to anyone else in case of theft or misplacement.

Web control: Free WI-Fi is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Web control allows controlling actions by blocking suspicious links which may lead to infect your device with virus. It will enhance you to control the sites your children will access when you leave them with devices when to take a vacation.

Don’t forget Mobile: Lots of work get done on mobile devices during the holiday. Download Kaspersky for mobile devices to ensure your safety while online. You can delete your data on lost devices automatically, and remotely.

Keeping your password Safe: when people go for holiday they tend to keep some essentials things away and take a break and when they come back they find themselves forgetting passwords. Kaspersky password manager will keep your password safe to assist you in case you forgot it during holiday.

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