Endpoint Protection Platforms.

  • AI Powered Anti-Malware. 

  • Web protection.

  • Email security.

  • Data Loss Prevention.


More about Endpoint Solutions

Extended Detection and Response.

Traditional security tools operate in silos, generating a huge amount of low-fidelity alerts. While analysts sift through alerts, attackers can dwell undetected.
With XDR you:

  • Stop unknown threats by using deep learning technology to detect malware even if it has never been encountered before.

  • Stop ransomware from encrypting your files and rolls them back to a safe state.

  • Block exploit techniques used to break into organizations.

  • Stop real world hacking techniques used to steal data.

Cloud Detection & Response

To safeguard your cloud environment, you need a solution that detects and blocks exploits and evasive cloud-based attacks.

  • Organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud more quickly than ever. Attackers have followed suit, contributing to an 188% uptick in cloud security incidents.

  • To counter attacks, you should extend threat monitoring and hunting across your enterprise.

  • This allows you to block exploits and see the entire incident from on-premises to the cloud.

Cloud computing increases agility, scale and uptime. Your cloud security solutions should keep up, letting you provision new workloads without adding friction.

Managed Detection & Response

Security teams struggle to keep up with the volume of work generated by siloed threat prevention and detection tools while also trying to be proactive.

  • Analysts face a huge number of alerts – 11,047 alerts a day on average. This can cause many teams to ignore low-priority alerts.

  • Faced with a shortage of over 3 million security professionals worldwide, organizations are increasingly turning to managed services to augment their SecOps team. MDR services can be deployed rapidly.

  • Focusing on endpoint alert management is not enough. MDR services offer holistic detection and response across all assets.

Managed Threat Hunting

The Managed Threat Hunting service offers round-the-clock to discover attacks anywhere in your organization. Our threat hunters work on your behalf to discover advanced threats, such as state-sponsored attackers, cybercriminals, malicious insiders and malware.

  • Overwhelmed by too many low-fidelity alerts, many security teams don’t have additional time for threat hunting.

  • It’s hard to find skilled hunters who can apply threat intel, automation, breaking news and cyberwarfare expertise to reveal hidden threats.

  • The threat landscape is shifting to advanced, multi-step attacks. Without proactive hunting, you may not stop these attacks until it’s too late.

Ransomware Protection.

Defeating ransomware requires advanced, proactive AI-powered security, automated across your network and endpoints.

Targeted attacks never stop at one attempt or entry point. Endpoint prevention must be automatically and instantly coordinated with network security, malware analysis and threat management solutions to ensure you remain protected. This closes security gaps, stops dangerous variants, shuts down lateral movement and ends proliferation.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

The first step in securing your organization is conducting a holistic assessment of risk. Applying best practice cybersecurity frameworks will help you understand, control and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Your organization will know how to prioritize countermeasures and identify where resources are needed to defend against today’s sophisticated attacks.
We can help you understand and manage your risk by:

  • Identifying your critical information assets.

  • Uncovering vulnerabilities and exposure to attack.

  • Determining the likelihood and potential impact of an incident.

Evaluating the gaps in your security controls.

We partner with a GREAT partner community, to deliver on these solutions. We listen to you and tailor our solutions according to your specific needs. Talk to us, we recommend the best skills for your deployment. We are ready to deliver on this commitment.