Safeguard your endpoints with best-in-class next gen Antivirus - with Machine Learning and AI capabilities.

Endpoint Solutions

Endpoint Protection.

Protection against Malware • Ransomware • Exploits • Viruses.

Get adaptive protection against advanced threats targeting your business.  We aid in securing your endpoints from cyberthreats which is increasing, such as malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.

To protect endpoints the attack surface must also be protected. We offer solutions for;

  • Email Protection.

  • Data Protection - Encryption.

  • Cloud protection.

 EDR &  XDR 

Endpoint Detection & Response EDR & Extended Detection & Response XDR.

Automatically detect and prioritize potential threats and quickly see where to focus attention and know which machines may be impacted. With XDR you go beyond the endpoint by incorporating cross-products data sources for even more visibility.

The EDR security solution enables us not only to secure the endpoints, but also to achieve dynamic access control, detect and diffuse threats in real time, and automate and orchestrate responses in an integrated MDR offering. With the evolution from EDR to the more integrated and sophisticated XDR, we extend this protection across the network and cloud as well.

Managed Detection & Response  -  MDR

Security teams struggle to keep up with the volume of work generated by siloed threat prevention and detection tools while also trying to be proactive.

  • Analysts face a huge number of alerts – 11,047 alerts a day on average. This can cause many teams to ignore low-priority alerts.

  • Faced with a shortage of over 3 million security professionals worldwide, organizations are increasingly turning to managed services to augment their SecOps team. MDR services can be deployed rapidly.

  • Focusing on endpoint alert management is not enough. MDR services offer holistic detection and response across all assets.


Defeating ransomware requires advanced, proactive AI-powered security, automated across your network and endpoints.

Targeted attacks never stop at one attempt or entry point. Endpoint prevention must be automatically and instantly coordinated with network security, malware analysis and threat management solutions to ensure you remain protected. This closes security gaps, stops dangerous variants, shuts down lateral movement and ends proliferation.

We partner with a GREAT partner community, to deliver on these solutions. We listen to you and tailor our solutions according to your specific needs. Talk to us, we recommend the best skills for your deployment. We are ready to deliver on this commitment.