A digital audit is a thorough analysis of an organization’s digital assets namely social media pages and website in order to give insight into its performance. The audit will demonstrate how you can position your brand to reach quality online audience.

Extra Services

Below are extra services that Ariel Tech can provide for you in order to improve your current online assets

Website Security

Buy a website SSL certificate in order to protect the content that is transacted through your website.

Content Optimization

This involves reviewing your website content and ensuring it is well written is such a way that it allows your website to reach a maximum audience. 

Technical Optimization

Technical Optimization refers to improving the technical aspects of a website in order to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines. Making a website faster, easier to crawl and understandable for search engines.

Social Media Optimization

SMO involves reviewing your organization’s social media networks, social media posts and strategies in order to send a particular message and online presence to reach the required target audience.