Our services have major benefits to organisations.

  • Implementation.

We offer expert assistance and support, making Kaspersky Lab products and solution deployment seamless and trouble-free. This includes ensuring that you operate according to best practices, are using optimal settings and are making the best use of Kaspersky Lab’s centralized management software

  • Configuration.

We offer expert assistance in identifying the most efficient configuration of Kaspersky Lab products to meet your security goals, while also reflecting the current threat landscape and future trends

  • Health-Check.

Following a complete audit of your product settings and network environment as a part of Health Check Service, our experts provide you with a comprehensive report, including actionable recommendations on how to improve security and/or systems management efficiency

  • Product Training.

Enabling your IT teams to harness the full power of your new security solution, and to prepare for their new everyday tasks by training them in the most effective use of Kaspersky security technologies in your specific environment

Benefits of engaging us.

  • Reduce implementation risks

Involving a team of experts in the earlier stages of security solution implementation helps to avoid serious mistakes that can reduce protection, adversely impact productivity and even lead to downtime. Our experts will help ensure effective project planning and assist your IT team at every stage, making sure that everything’s going to plan.


  • Reduce implementation costs

Your IT team is invariably busy working on several projects simultaneously. Implementing your new security solution is yet another urgent, though long-term project. Involving specialists experienced in building and deploying this solution can help minimize the impact on everyday business operations and lower overall costs by avoiding typical issues and reducing the project duration


  • Prepare staff to undertake ongoing maintenance

The best way to learn is through practice, but practicing unsupervised on your own live IT infrastructure may not sound like the best idea. What’s needed is a trusted mentor, there to provide expert guidance and to prevent mistakes from being made. This is how we deliver our professional services – focusing not only on delivering a particular scope of work, but also on training your IT staff by demonstrating product compatibilities, explaining operational principles, and preparing them to undertake ongoing product maintenance.

Endpoint Installation and Maintenance.

We support your projects for Endpoint protection so that you can concentrate on your core Business.

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