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Aleviating Poverty through Education

SDG8 Initiative of Ariel Technology.

In line with SDG8, to promote full and productive employment and decent work for all, Ariel Technology supports low income background school leavers, by offering them basic skills in ICT through short term courses. The main purpose is skills development for the students through career guidance & mentoring. Sometimes they are not in a position to pay college fees. We empower them to be competent and confident to use the basic knowledge and skills acquired for for income generation - online.


Mentorship & Career Guidance

The Program

The mentorship program started in January 2020 with a local public school providing ex-candidates who had not joined university for various reasons. In March 2020 we had to release them due to lock down necessitated by the covid 19 crisis. Within this period we managed to guide them through applying for government funded tertially colleges and they were all admitted - The 1st Cohort.



Career Day

To conclude the mentorship program, a graduation ceremony is held annually at Ariel Technology. The session allows Ariel Tech team interact with the students and each of them is assigned a mentee.



TThe students were able to appreciate the program and also gave feedback on what they learned and the value that the mentorship program continues to impart as a basis for life management and in their career journey. Here are some student reviews on the program:


Since the beginning of the course, I have learnt how to build self-confidence with self-promotion whereby I am able to analyse the skills I have and using them to further myself. I have also learnt business communication which helps interact with the customers efficiently. Moreover I have learnt how to get a business online by developing a career plan which helps in defining clear goals and focus on online activity. I have learnt how to connect with customers through mobile where one can put adverts to reach more customers. This course has helped in understanding how one can use the analytics to improve their online business........
Finally I have learnt how to use ecommerce photography to improve image quality .this is done taking photos from different angles and later editing them.



I am Simiyu Abiud Wafula, I joined the Essart Mentorship Programme on 25th of August 2020. This was just after I was introduced to this programme by the Essart Mentorship programme Manager who came up with an idea to help young people to come and obtain computer skills on a part time basis. I was passionate about finding something to do since I was just after my high school graduated. Joining this mentorship programme ......
I learnt how to create and write reports using Microsoft office word, how to create and analyse data using Microsoft office Excel and how to create presentations using slides. I benefited a lot from this since I had no knowledge about this basics. 11 Now I can use all these tools to create, analyse and present information without a problem. There after I created my own Email Address and Google account. Having completed this process, I was introduced to this site Google Digital Skills for Africa which offer online courses, I did various courses and I was issued with a certificate. I am glad I got the opportunity be part of the Ariel Technology Mentorship program.


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Once you join the mentorship program you’ll need to develop a committed character and also a self-innovative one, because through the whole journey it’s the effort of one’s brain capability to finish all the courses and earn a certificate. All the courses have had a great impact in my life and also my brain knowledge. The Mentorship program has helped me so much to be productive in the society, innovative and also an entrepreneur. All the time have spent on learning here will bear fruits for my future in job finding and networking business creation. Earning the certificates has influenced my career so much. All through the journey my characterisation has upgraded to another level